First blog intro

Just like many others, this is my first blog. I guess I have just always been scared of writing…now I will have no choice!  Please join me in this journey of something completely new and challenging.  Let’s explore the possibilities that await us.

I’m nervous, unsure, OVERWHELMED by all the new tasks. However, all in a timely manner, everything will fall into place.  All we need to do is to remind us about that spark in us that wanted us to start in the first place.  A little push by peers, loved ones or even strangers can do wonders.   Building confidence to write is hard.  Doing so while doing loads of research and learning?? Well,  lots of practice and we’ll get there!

Nervous? Nope!play-learn-and-grow-together

….. okay, maybe a little!

Mostly Excited!!


4 thoughts on “First blog intro

  1. onechildatatimeblog says:

    Your words are so encouraging. I am looking forward to pushing ahead on this journey with you. For me the STRUGGLE was real and now look at us; We are officially bloggers. Putting pen to paper, creating meaning exchanges yesterday, we were stranges, today we are building our online family.


  2. Estheva says:

    I have to admit. Having the first week behind us, makes me feel better already! And it’s so true, “yesterday we were strangers, today we are building our online family”. We will continue building relationships and supporting each other.


  3. onechildatatimeblog says:

    Thank you so very much for all your insightful posts, comments and words of encouragement. Taking this initial phase of this incredible online journey of learning with you has truly been a rewarding experience. I wish you much success in your continued learning experience. It is truly admirable how you embrace learning, teaching and growing in truly diverse places.It is my sincere hope that you always maintain your positive outlook on life and your commitment and dedication to the children you teach and all the lives you impact. Thank you for all your assistance when I was having difficulty setting up my blog words could not begin to express how much it meant to have you take moments from your already busy schedule to provide encouragement and support. You are truly a Difference Maker; I sincerely hope that our paths will connect again.
    Doris B.

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