Thanks =)

I can not BELIEVE we are done with the first term of our first semester of our first year!!!! We have come a long way! I had some crazy mixed feelings about starting an online course, but just look at us now 😉

Even though we are pretty far from the end, it feels great to know how many are out there with the same goals, dreams, and motivation to do more and better!! This is about our journey, right?!  A note of THANKS for everyone’s support, sharing ideas and being really really kind with stunning and encouraged feedback after every post! It is appreciated!

Good luck to everyone else!! Maybe we’ll be in the same class next term or maybe not! Never give up on what you want. This first term has already shown us how much of the unknown we can conquer!!!

….aaaaand a BIG thanks to Dr. Horton for all the support and patience…I think she had to deal with frustrated students in the beginning when making this blog! Thanks for answering our gazillion questions over and over =)

Loads of love and blessings

Esthé ❤




3 thoughts on “Thanks =)

  1. Tami says:

    Amen! I second that Esthe! I do hope we meet in our future classes. The journey thus far has been amazing just thinking about where started and where are now and ALL the ground we covered in between! We DID it! It was awesome to work with such an amazing group of individuals.
    Here’s to future success to each of us!

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  2. barbarabrandon says:

    Hi Esthe,
    I just have to say that I am going to miss seeing the amazing blogs that you create each week and I really appreciate the assistance and feedback that you provided to me and am grateful for it. I still have not mastered how to upload my pictures onto my blog but I know that I will learn in due time. I am really going to miss each and everyone of you and Dr. Horton as well. The encouraging words that you provided me really helped to build my confidence up and keep me inspired each day that I go to work. Wishing you much success on your journey here at Walden University and keep doing the great work that you do. Great blog and graphics Esthe.


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