Expanding Horizons and Resources

Part 1: Expanding Horizons

As it goes with everything in life – Knowledge IS power! Expanding our horizons in early childhood education would only be beneficial for ourselves. We get a better chance of broadening our knowledge about cultures, the changes we undergo, and most important – the safe keeping of our children.

In expanding my horizons I tried finding the World Forum Foundation but ended up only finding podcasts of conversations with early childhood professionals.


The forum is a place where the exchanging of international ideas come together. I listened to a podcast from George Forman where he is a professor at the University of Massachusetts. An author of several books on Piaget and co-founder of video tips. George Forman was talking about how he got interested in how children think and he wanted to do more research on thoughts that he had.

Out of curiosity, I also signed up for newsletters from The Global Fund for Children: An organization which provides capital to communities worldwide to improve the lives of children Global Fund for Children and Save the Children: A U.S. based non-profit organization working on behalf of children worldwide Save the Children.

I have not received my first newsletter yet, but will use the information in my next blog! As soon as I have received all the info needed, I can get connected with someone who has helped in child situations.

Part 2: Expanding Resources

I decided to immerse myself in the early childhood organization’s website ZERO TO THREE
Even though, I know this website does not send out newsletters or sign up without paying a fee, it still caught my eye. It has an easy assessable layout, with many different types of regular news and articles on new happenings. I have also found that I can explore different topics not just on child care, but also on parenting, families, and advocacy.

There are multiple services, resources and trendings of what articles and information have been used more often, maybe bringing to light what you would want to read or need information about.
I am excited to learn what else the organization has in store!



2 thoughts on “Expanding Horizons and Resources

  1. Angela Robb says:

    Hi Esthe,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Knowledge truly is power. I am glad you were able to access the podcast I tried and initially I was able to but, the next time I just could not get to it I did manage to read a little bit about George Foreman before everything fell apart. The podcast based on your writing seem very interesting especially when you talked about George Foreman and his interest in how children think. The newsletter that you signed up for seem very interesting I am anxiously awaiting to see what you find out from the global fund for children. I also chose save the children as one of my resources and I am excited about the things that I willWho learn from this resource.
    Thanks for your blog.

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