W6 – Sharing Web Resources

As I am continuing my research on the ZERO TO THREE page, I thought why not look at the “Become an Advocate” button. We all know to be good advocates for the early childhood field, so I wanted to see what do they suggest we do.

Entering the first area, I came across a page that is labeled Advocacy Action Center. Infants and toddlers do not have a voice in the public policy process, BUT WE DO!! By working together with many other, we can leverage our voices to ensure all infants and toddlers have the opportunity to succeed. We can be the BIg Voice for Little Kids and take action.

On this particular page, there are 4 ways to be an active advocate:

1. Get Advocacy alerts: Find the current advocacy alerts and take action to help infants, toddlers, and their families.

2. Rally 4 Babies: It is time to make our voices heard with all of the elected officials as we continue to #Rally4Babies

3. Join on Twitter: Follow them on Twitter to participate in our Twitter chats and to get the latest information about the policies and issues that matter most to parents, professionals, and advocates.

Giving ALL  a strong start in life improves workforce, health &reduces crime! Tell Congress to !


4. Share Posts on Facebook: Liking their FB page, you will begin getting updates on parenting tips, policy news, and the latest information that matters most to parents and professionals.


I really liked these 4 pages as the way we live these days are more on social media than anywhere else.

Doing the further research, there was an option to Explore my research.

The next page gave more links into joining sites:

Join the Policy Network

The ZERO TO THREE Policy Network is a vehicle for professionals, like you, to use your knowledge and expertise to impact public policy for infants, toddlers, and families.

Take Action

Be a Big Voice for Little Kids!™ Visit our Action Center for quick steps you can take to advocate on behalf of infants and toddlers.

Find Your Elected Officials

Not sure who represents you? Click to enter your Zip code and find your U.S. Senators and Representative, as well as your local legislators.

Scrolling more down, there were future series of articles and links that one could explore as well.

Equity and Excellence

In search this week for equity and excellence, there are many given articles.

….To be continued


3 thoughts on “W6 – Sharing Web Resources

  1. Cassandra Richards says:

    Hello Estheva,
    I have used Zero to Three as a good and reliable resource for years when I was studying psychology. I found it very useful that they break development stages down and provide advice for even parents -not only professionals. I never thought to become an advocate for a site that I have relied on for years in my own personal journey. Thank you for the information! I will have to look further!
    Cassandra Richards


  2. Angela Robb says:

    I also found Zero to Three to be a reliable resource. I did not choose it as one of my resources earlier in the class but I decided to look take a look at that page. I found a really interesting article on School Readiness. Thank you for the information that you shared I am certain that I’ll be visiting the site again as I continue my studies.
    Great blog.


  3. educatingSmallminds says:

    Hello Estheva,
    Thank you for a very formal blog, Yes, We can be the many big voices for our kid but first, getting people to actually take the steps of actions to voice the issues and concerns before our State’s congressman and other policymakers make all the difference. I like the varies sights to click on your blog with information about how to join and be an advocate for children’s rights to equity and excellence in life.


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