W8 – International Awareness

“It is encouraging to see that we’re not alone. We can learn from each other” -James Kim

What a wonderful statement and I am sure each and every one of us had this experience in the last few weeks learning more. Some consequences of learning about international early childhood education abroad have broadened my professional and personal development.

  1. As we did our research and did our discussions, I realized that all over the world, early childhood educators have issues and trends in the field. When having discussions, I can think about how other countries would respond to certain criteria of child care and education. We can all learn from each other and since the classrooms are changing into very diverse areas, it is good for us to do some research about other countries and how they find solutions for issues that I might have found in my area.
  1. Having a better appreciation for the resources and support systems we have in place in the bigger countries like the United States. When I look at some of the problems that plague children internationally, I am thankful that I do not have to face those kinds of challenges. Believe me, we do have challenges, but some countries have abselutely nothing to help them. We have serious issues to address, however, I believe that we have made great strides toward improvement through the use of our various resources.
  1. Researching the international early childhood field has made me much more aware of not only my surroundings but as well as other areas that might be in the same boat as me. I feel proud and confident in my ability to make a difference in the lives of young children. When I see all the various organizations in the world getting involved in early childhood issues, I know that I am not alone in thinking that early childhood is one of the most important and influential stages in life. I, along with other early childhood educators, have the ability to make a difference in children’s lives here and internationally. Staying aware and doing research, will have an effect on your work and future classes.

Diverse group of preschool children in classroom

In the future, I would like to stay connected through the various websites I have visited in the last few weeks. I also want to make a point of it to stay in contact with some of my colleagues I have worked with, coming from all over the world. I think that having and maintaining these connections and relationships will keep me on current issues and trends worldwide, expanding my commitment to the early childhood field.

I hope that I can stay motivated to explore and utilize the resources made available to me to help me understand and made aware of global perspectives of critical issues affecting early childhood. With more international knowledge, I can be a better supporter for quality and excellence care for all children.



One thought on “W8 – International Awareness

  1. educatingSmallminds says:

    Hello Estheva,

    Excellent post, While researching the social trends and issues of early childhood has pierced my heart and also brought back memories of my childhood days in the 60’s and 70’s. You know as the issues and trends around the world changes, things would get better for all. As we have reviewed over the last 8 weeks, many families are still living in poverty, education and health care are inequity, but the most noticeable trend of today is the dramatic change in the demographics and diversity around the world. People are relocating to better their lives but stalling to revise and implement laws, policies, and the economic status, we will forever have the same issues therefore, we will never see equity and excellence in our children’s education and well-being. Thank you for such great support! I hope to interconnect and interact with you, again. How wonderful it is to have the internet at your fingertip, many children in disadvantaged situations do not have that opportunity to communicate like we do. Many blessing in the New Year.


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