W3 – If I could, could I?

If I had the chance and knowledge to research anything… what would it be?!

The chances are, it has been researched. After the past few weeks as I have searched for a topic to research and sifted through hundreds of studies and articles, I realized how many studies have been done. However, the thought then arose as to why are we still struggling with so many subjects and problems in the classroom if there were solutions for some of our questions everywhere?

I would only research something to get the experience and to actually learn from it. When I read a research article, I only see their outcomes, but we do not always see the struggles that went into that specific research. There are so many obstacles that can arise. When we would be able to conduct a research, we could learn first-handidly what the research was about!

My main concerns would always be – how did this, this research article I just read, affect children? Researchers want answers and so does the public.

I would love to look into more detail about children’s different behaviors. Why they act in a certain way when they come into contact with certain aspects of life. But on the other side, could I actually let a child go through a bad experience so I can do research on this? There are laws and regulations, but are they continues?

There are so many aspects to be considered off. Let’s say I do a research that involves poor children – when they get the right stimulation, their grades and overall experience help them develop just like someone who does not live in poor conditions. What happens to these children who had the experience of “the good”. Do they get a lifetime of “good” or was this only for the research purpose.

I know there is a lot of good in research, but I also believe that the bad stands out pretty tall!

THUS – if I could, could I?



One thought on “W3 – If I could, could I?

  1. kayllashildrenscorner says:

    I like how you pointed out that you do not see the struggles because that is so true. We do not see the struggles we only see the end result. It makes me think twice as I struggle to understand and be the best I can be during this process of getting my Master’s Degree. Do you find yourself reminding yourself, it is okay to struggle? Or do you think struggle is unnecessary?


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