Research around the WORLD

I decided to take a look at Early Childhood Australia

The site gives us insight on Early Childhood Education in Australia and is the equivalent to The US’s NAEYC. Early childhood Australia is an organization that stands for advocating for young children in Australia. They regularly contribute to public policy debates that affect young children and their families.

Their vision is to make sure that every young child is learning and thriving. Their advocacy goals include the rights and well-being of young children from all walks of life. Their main goal is to invest in the future of children and they ensure that all children early care environments are inclusive.

The ECA is has a full scheduled calendar. In February of 2018, the ECA is holding a research symposium to discuss policy, power, and agency in early childhood education. They invite early childhood practitioners, academics, policymakers, and students to exchange ideas, innovative research methodologies, and findings. The symposium will also discuss the latest research and pedagogical practice from the longest running and most highly regarded academic journal produced by ECA—the Australasian Journal of Early Childhood (AJEC).

They also have a Reconciliation Symposium in 2018, a National Conference and give many smaller events and locations scattered all over Australia and even.


Some things that I found to be noteworthy about this agency is that they support Early childhood educators becoming knowledgeable in the field by providing educational resources and training that’s very similar if not equal to NAEYC’s CDA award. Parent resources are handy and early childhood educators can become members of the organization. Once you are a member, you are afforded the opportunity to be a strong voice for young children with policymakers and advocate for their needs. The most important thing that I can take away from this site is that Early Childhood Education is important in Australia and around the globe. The goal by all is to be inclusive, promote social change, and to advocate for quality education for all children. The Early Childhood Australia values also stood out and were quite similar in principle to what is promoted in other countries.



2 thoughts on “Research around the WORLD

  1. kayllashildrenscorner says:

    I think that advocacy is a huge factor for all countries and children because they are the future of society. I appreciate that you brought the topic of advocacy up because even as we consider differences in other countries advocacy is always important. Children cannot always speak for themselves, so people and policy makers need to be there for children to ensure their education.


  2. Christina Nojd says:

    I also reviewed this website. I found it to have a lot of useful information regarding early childhood research in Australia. It was interesting to me that they share a lot of the same concerns as we do here in the U.S. They also had some publications on the State of early childhood in Australia. In that paper they talked a lot about quality program and how there is so much to do in the field of early childhood. I think we can all agree we are in the same boat here in the United States.


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