Help!! I’m leaving my comfort zone!

I think for most people, a major country catastrophe would be the end of it. How do I move somewhere where I am only allowed to take 3 meaningful things?? Are they crazy? What, I have to give up two and only take one?

I think that this little situation might just bring us down to earth. When I first left my home country for an unknown place, I was only allowed 23kg on the plane. When I left there for my second country, I had a few boxes and my 23kg on the plane. When I moved to my third country I had 2x 23kg and my hand luggage was pretty much another big bag that weighed a lot more than it was supposed to.

Whenever the time comes for me to search for new adventures in my ESL career, I always find myself astonished as I have to pack two to three years into a suitcase. That’s it. That’s all the plane can take and sending boxes are expensive and mostly never makes it.

Hhhhhmmm what three items are valuable to me that shows my culture? To be very honest, I am not attached to anything. With the world being so digital, I have all pictures, photos, and documents that I need on a USB. When you are a frequent traveler you realize very soon that gathering things on earth can’t be used where ever you go when you die. Also, you can almost buy everything in every country…it might not be your favorite, but it is something. We have attachments to all kinds of things, and when that gets taken away from us, what happens? We sulk. But then We go on.

Since I don’t know where I am going, it makes it even harder. I would love to grab a photo album of family and friends’ pictures. Although, right now, I only own a few photo’s hanging on my closet door. A form of identification is always important. Passports, ID’s, but I’m sure those things are probably included in the travel. Something strange would be proof of my education. If I do go to another country, it might be a developed country and they would need proof of what I can do and my background. As I am still young, I would need a base to start at. Nobody trusts someone without proper identification and certificates. Very few people care about “your story” and that you had to leave your country. If I am able to work in the new area, that could be a way of showing what I can do.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I do not need much. I have come to the conclusion that in a blink of an eye, everything I own can be taken away from me. Burned down, as if it never existed. I choose how happy I am. The valuable things in my life are not things I can grab. It’s people, it’s feelings. Life is more than the things that I can hold in my hands!! My culture is the way I act and treat others!



5 thoughts on “Help!! I’m leaving my comfort zone!

  1. Jazmine says:

    I was the same way about picking 2 things to come with me. I don’t really have an attachment to anything and the things I do, I can live without. As long as I have my family then i’m happy. I think as long as you have a photo to keep the memories alive then what else could you possibly need. Your family is already with you so you can begin making new memories in a new place!


  2. lovejoy55 says:

    Well ladies, when you read what I have and what I have done with my blog, you are going to say “Oh my!” We are so close to being similar. This generation loves things; however, we have chosen a better part: living life and enjoying each other. Esthe, you amaze me so much. Love your post!


  3. fortheluvofeducatingourchildrenblog says:

    Love it!

    I’m glad that we are all just on the same wave length with this weeks blog posting. Esthe, beautifully put and thank you for sharing your experiences. I agree that our culture is our family first and foremost it is where you developed all your inner and outer personality, values and beliefs. As we get older we begin to decided with our cultural family traditions and values which ones have more meaningful places in our heart, mind and soul. Therefore, Esthe, I am with you my one thing to take with me is still my three things rolled up into one, my memories, laughter and my love.

    Kris (Crystal)


  4. allthingsbeauty1 says:

    I have to say I really enjoyed reading your post, you’re such a great story teller (well of course you are, you’re an educator!) I was thinking similar to you OMG what would I take with me on this new journey. It’s so interesting to see what items other people found important to them and how they make sense out of those items. I will say I never thought about a photo album because I would have my family with me. I really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Denece Young says:

    Great blog!

    I agree with you and not being attached to things. I feel that the memory of the thing is worth more the actual item. Once the memory is gone the thing is just a thing. Although, you do bring up a good point that I would want to take birth certificates and/or passports to identify who we are.


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