Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

I thought this picture sums up how I feel about diversity and culture sometimes. We are all the same, but so so different. We all bring something new, good, or even worse to the table. Culture is who we are and diversity is how we put all the little pieces together.


My first stop: China (as I am currently living here)

I had an interesting talk with one of my managers at the school I currently work at. While we were having a conversation she was pouring in some kind of root tea (that was really gross), and told me that it is good for my health. Before I even asked a question, her cultural characteristics rose. For her, her culture means decades and decades of history. China is rich in history and the sceneries are absolutely breathtaking. Something else that comes close to culture is that they are very family-orientated. Being with family, living close to family, and helping family in need is a big culture trait. Something she mentioned was that they do lack in diversity. She feels like the Chinese way is the only way. For her, it is easily more accepted to change. However, her family does not want any foreigner here or anything that might change their Philosophical foundation.

My second stop: Philippino’s (I have many Philippino co-workers)

Family, family, and family were her words. I have been working alongside Angelique for 6 months now and how she takes pride in her family is impossible to put in words. She also believes that Philippino’s are very resilient and that the world does not get to see how they live, but not care. A big part of their culture is about their religion and how strict they are towards it. She pointed out that singing, dancing, and to help one another is who they are as well. They value their traditions and culture. For instance, for a birthday or a special holiday, they will go all out. Money or not. Christmas celebrations continue to the first Sunday in January when Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings is celebrated. In the Philippines, the early masses held before Christmas are called the ‘Misa de Gallo’ or Simbang Gabi’ in Filipino. There have been multiple times where I couln’t find the time to pack lucnh, and she would alsways share her food, no matter how big or small her portions are.

Image result for filipinos and christmas celebrations

Thirdly, I thought I would ask my boyfriend since he is Canadian (and I’m South-African).

He’s from the Eastcoast of Canada, the Maritimes, and he sees his small town culture as hockey, snow, kitchen parties and the importance of friends and family.  (And since I was privileged enough to meet his family last year, I observed his culture to be kind, thoughtful, eating a lot of cheese and crackers, and very inviting).
For him, diversity is bringing many people from different walks of life together, and interacting in a positive way. This is a big reason why we simply just fit. Having an open-mind, being thoughtful and putting yourself in other’s shoes before you judge is someone worth having in your life. (But believe me when I say, our cultures do clash from time to time =)
images (5)
Our culture is our way of life. Maybe we were born into it. Maybe we chose it. Maybe our surroundings chose it for us. I still believe that what you believe in, does not make who you are. How you treat others and how you carry and express yourself, that is who you truly are.

3 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. lovejoy55 says:

    Yes, Esthe, you are pulling the social and emotional self out of us. Who is that person? How do we act when no one is looking? It will take me a lifetime to know that girl (me). I may change a lot to be able to deal and manage circumstances from time to time, but i love life and living and have learned to feel good about my past, my family, my outlook that was influenced (by all those who know me) down through the years. I love your beautiful and fulfilling post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. allthingsbeauty1 says:

    First I have to say I love coming onto your blog and seeing the visuals you take time to find and add to you writings, it’s awesome! I am in total agreement that culture is a specific way of life, it gives some of us a guide as to how we’d like to live our lives. The way we carry ourselves and treat others is so important and it transcends all cultures. Great Post!
    Khadijah M.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. educatereadwriteexplore says:

    This is an amazing post. Love all the pictures. Culture does not change how life is going. I agree with the second interview. The best way to embrace cultures to put oneself in a other’s shoes. Learning about the facts of their culture can be very difficult, but it gives a clearer understanding


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