My Supports…<3

Positive social support (family or friends) plays a significant role in one’s ability to make healthier choices. Social support means being able to access people that a person can rely upon if needed. The support of family and friends during a crisis has long been seen to have a positive emotional effect on people. However, … Continue reading My Supports…<3

Play – page

Our thinking about play has been influenced over the years by the work of many educationalists, psychologists, researchers and practitioners, and much has been written about how young children learn and how adults can support this learning. Playing to Learn is an essential resource for practitioners working with babies and toddlers in out-of-home settings; and … Continue reading Play – page

Relationship Reflection

What does having healthy relationships mean to you? Please have a look at the page I created on my blog by following the link below or going to my HOME page, clicking on MENU and clicking on RELATIONSHIP REFLECTION. Link to my page -------> Relationship Reflection

Thanks…again =)

And here we find ourselves at the end of another learning experience. I think we can say that our two courses so far has been very different and a big bite more reading, observing en reflection...BUT we're still alive, holding our heads high and doggy paddling through =) A shout out to us all for … Continue reading Thanks…again =)

Testing for Intelligence

This is a very lively debate with loads of opinions. What are THE most effective way to measure children’s minds and abilities? Most schools use standardized tests to measure children’s academic achievement. Yet, contemporary child development scientists, as well as many other professionals in the early childhood field, recognize that understanding the whole child requires … Continue reading Testing for Intelligence

Breastfeeding <3

Aaaaa, breastfeeding!! The topic that has been blowing up the internet lately for all the wrong reasons. There has been a lot of rumor lately about “how” women should breastfeed. Now I don’t know how difficult a baby would be when they want milk NOW, but there are some things we can keep in mind. … Continue reading Breastfeeding ❤


I have to admit that in this stage of my life when someone mentions childbirth…I want to run away!! How ironic is it that I have to study the details to the max?! I have never experienced childbirth myself, nor can I remember what went down when I was born. All I know is that … Continue reading Childbirth

Code of Conduct

The NAEYC code of ethics statement outlines many ideals that have meaning and significance to our work.  The following are ideals that when brought together encourage educators and parents to work together to provide a developmentally appropriate environment that honors the skills and needs of each child.  This is a goal that I have passion … Continue reading Code of Conduct