WK8 – Time to move on

I wanted to make a new post to give thanks to ALL of my colleagues!! As previously mentioned, I can not always comment to everyone's blog, but I wanted to make a space here to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented this term!! Your encouragement, kind words, support and feedback means the world and … Continue reading WK8 – Time to move on



Ahaaaa!!! See what I did there 😉 When we take a look at adjourning, it is the last stage of the five stages of team development. In the adjourning stage, the project is coming to an end and all of the team members are moving in their own directions. This stage gives everyone a chance … Continue reading A(d)Journ(ing)+ey

Competent Communication

Communication is VITAL for survival in this world! I only started realizing this when I started to travel! Imagine yourself in a country where nobody speaks your language. You realize as you get by that being able to communicate is important. Buying food, asking directions, doing simple things like paying utilities and phone bills or … Continue reading Competent Communication