Time well spent?

You bet ya!!!! =) I cannot even begin to explain my excitement. Looking back at the start of this (2 years for me) journey, I giggle a little at how I didn't even know what an RSS feed was or how to only use the shortcut keys to post discussions. Not only did I learn … Continue reading Time well spent?


Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally

There are quite a few international organizations that work with children and families from all around the world. These organizations have done their fair share in helping children around the world and we know this as we can read it on social media, news and any other information hub. My three top organizations would be: … Continue reading Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally

Impacts on Early Emotional Development

Children across the globe have many challenges. Biased gender roles, early sexualization, being labeled with disabilities, different social expectations, just plain life these days.  If we look further, there are many underlying contexts of poverty, war, terrorism, abuse, and other forms of trauma that put children even more at risk to not develop physically, emotionally … Continue reading Impacts on Early Emotional Development

WK5 – Evaluating Impacts on Professional Practice

Throughout our lives, we go through multiple stages. Normal stages. Or so we think. Throughout this course, I have learned about child development, family systems, and the significant influences adult relationships have on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth and the forming of social identities. I have also learned about classism, racism, gender stereotyping and … Continue reading WK5 – Evaluating Impacts on Professional Practice