Creating Affirming Environments

Creating a learning environment that reflects the diversity of the children and families with whom I work, would be a more well-planned time taker than just using one evening making a blog post. It is vital for home care centers to expand and deepen our understandings and respect for diversity, but also to promote strong … Continue reading Creating Affirming Environments


What I have learned?

The diversity, development, and learning course has taught me quite a few things. Caring for children is the most basic thing we can do, and even then, we fail from time to time. As it mentioned in many of our resources, BASIC! Basic, yet the most difficult I would add. With the world we live … Continue reading What I have learned?

Creating Art

Art is one of the biggest ways where expression can be noticed in many ways using our senses. Art has always been the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as a painting or sculpture. This form of visual art usually produces work that is appreciated primarily … Continue reading Creating Art

Additional post – How to teach children about our differences!

I'm sure throughout your life you have heard at least one or two "inappropriate" comments a child has made, and I put "inappropriate" in brackets, because for them, what they see is the truth! I think the mortified feeling every teacher and parent get, are horrible, but also normal. When the talking starts, the questions … Continue reading Additional post – How to teach children about our differences!


Ahaaaa!!! See what I did there 😉 When we take a look at adjourning, it is the last stage of the five stages of team development. In the adjourning stage, the project is coming to an end and all of the team members are moving in their own directions. This stage gives everyone a chance … Continue reading A(d)Journ(ing)+ey