Welcoming new families!!

If I knew I would have a new student in my class from another country before they arrive, it would already be a bonus! It does not matter what country that child and family would be from, my plans would be the same! For me, it would not matter where the child is from. They … Continue reading Welcoming new families!!


Bias, Prejudice & Oppresion

What is Bias, Prejudice & Oppression? Before I scribble down experiences, I wanted to have a deeper understanding of these words. We hear them all the time, but do we actually know what they mean? They have been thrown around so easily, and people being victims of these occasions, are daily. Easy definitions: I moved … Continue reading Bias, Prejudice & Oppresion


Perspectives on Diversity and Culture I thought this picture sums up how I feel about diversity and culture sometimes. We are all the same, but so so different. We all bring something new, good, or even worse to the table. Culture is who we are and diversity is how we put all the little pieces … Continue reading Perspectives