Play Connections


is joyful learning that engages a child’s body, mind, and spirit. As adults, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for children, and perhaps even ourselves, to experience play. Imagine your life for a moment, if your work felt like play to you. Imagine the joy, passion, and fulfillment your day would bring. Imagine the growth in understanding you would acquire. Imagine the excitement you would feel as you began each day. Imagine the contentment and peace in spending your day doing something you love. Imagine if you could spend your days playing!

I grew up on a farm. I see myself as incredibly lucky having a whole farm as a play ground. There were always something to do. Making a mud mess anywhere was acceptable. Drawing big houses and layouts on the ground and playing. Having obsticles to climb over. Feeding the little lambs or watcing the horses and cows as they walk by the house. My playground was huge and I had the world at my feet. Strange enough, my favorite two things I loved to play with was inside the house. My portable ladybug telephone on wheels that I dragged behind me wherever I went, as well as my kickbike.

How play has changed?

50 years ago, in Japan, an average 10 year old boy was able throw a softball 6 meters more than an average 10 year old boy today. I’m thinking this has to do with the fact of the improving technology in the area. Kids don’t get outside much anymore, because they are inside with their technology. This happens not just here but in other countries too.

50 years ago in the USA, Americans had a focus on education. Sadly today, many people do not focus on that. Children used to play after school, now, they go home and play on their ipads and other technology.

The way children used to play in Australia was simple. It was with the animals and wildlife. Now, children mostly play “Working games”.

Play in Russia has been mostly the same throughout the years with children playing in the snow. Due to their climate, it snows quite a bit in certain parts of Russia, and children love to play in the snow. It has been like this for a while because the climate doesn’t change there.

There are so many factors that have an influence on how children play these days. There’s no more safety in neighbourhoods. Technology has taken over. Both parents working long hours and not being able to play with their children. We definitly had it lucky when we were young and playfull. My observation about everyday play around or in my live has had a drastic descendence. The children that want to play, will play. But the ones who does not want to play does not have to, because playing with the ipad is the “easy” way to keep a child busy and quiet. Our world has changed, and not so much for the good.


6 thoughts on “Play Connections

  1. janearlychildhoodblog says:

    Hi Esthe
    Thanks for reading my post and leaving comments.
    I really love your quotes especially that of Einstein. I totally respect the words and thoughts of that man and his words continue to inspire me as I go. Very informative. Like how how made comparisons to play throughout the world. Thanks for sharing yet another well put together post.
    Keep up the great work!


  2. youngminds12345blog says:

    Hello Esther,
    Excellent job! Growing up on a farm must have been fun. Albert Einstein had a great definition of play, its research at it’s best. Thank you for sharing your research on play in different countries, I enjoyed learning from you. Have a phenomenal week!


  3. Alley1221 says:

    Esther, you shared some great information in your post. It is so amazing the way children learn from play. The fact that they get to actually enjoy learning while playing is awesome. Today I watched my little cousins and I observed how they explored the background in many ways and was so curious to see how different things worked. I think it is such a cool thing that you grew up on a farm and was able to explore so many different things.


  4. barbarabrandon says:

    Hi Esthe,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog and the pictures of you as a child are so adorable. You provided pertinent information that was easy to understand and follow. Keep up the great work that you are doing here at Walden and continue to provide the excellent blogs for the classmates to view. Well done.


  5. Tami says:

    Hi Esthe,
    You are so right! Things are certainly different to the way they used to be when we were younger. Parents seem busier and when they have down time they are on the ‘tech devices’. Children have so much more work to do at school and when they have down time they too are on their tech devices. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on play and sharing stats from around the globe. Well done.


  6. Elizabeth Young says:

    Hello Esthe
    Wow that’s exciting! You grow up on a farm. You know I did not grow up on a big farm. But one year we would have a pig. The next year we would have chicken running around the yard. I know you were like me you wanted to make pets out of all of them. Did you have a pet? And you said it right time have changed how children play outside. I enjoyed those photos also.


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